Microblog & Homepage
Microblog & Homepage
Share your knowledge, publish your ideas.
Online Web Projects
Online Web Projects
Create and publish your own online projets.
Virtual ClassroomVirtual Classroom
Your own classroom blog and website.
School WebSchool Web
Build powerful, dynamic school websites.
Manage your books online.

Build your own school website

website • collaboration • online library • own domain • easy to use • free
State Of The Art
Publish news, blogs, photo galleries, calendars & schedules.
Optimized for group work, with dedicated spaces for classes and student workgroups.
Students and teachers publish their work and create their own pages.
Based on our easy to use Wiki technology.
Do It Yourself
You can easily change everything on your website, no coding or help needed.
Upload your school logo, create your own design, use your own domain, customize everything.

Your school website

Build your own school website with news, blogs, photo galleries & interactive student workspaces.
Easy to use - your new school website will be online within only a few minutes!

Collaborate & publish

Students and teachers create their own web pages, e-books and online courses.
Easy-to-use, optimized for classes, group work, teams & school projects.

Library & books

Manage your school library & books, publish your library on your school website.
Finally a professional tool that's easy to use & completely FREE!

Virtual classroom

Turn your classroom into a digital workspace. Publish a class website & blog.
Manage student works, texts, images, documents & books.

Class website & blog

Create your own class website, add a blog, publish photos & student works.
The class website is part of the virtual classroom.

E-learning web apps

Use our great e-learning apps on your school website, or develop your own apps.
Mathematics, languages, science, history, geography, chemistry & much more...

Your own design

Change colors, backgrounds, images, menus & layouts to create your own, unique website.
Use one of the predefined designs available on Morzino to get started.

Your own domain

Connect your own domain to your site, or use a subdomain that we'll offer for FREE*
*Your free subdomain on morzino.net will be instantly available!

Free hosting

Your school website will be hosted for FREE on one of our reliable Morzino servers.
We're working hard to provide the best & most reliable server technology.

Do it yourself!

Students and teachers build their own school website without any help, support or training.
Even layouts, designs & menus can easily be changed within minutes.

Easy to use

It's so easy that even your grandma should be able to set up and maintain her own school website!
We want to make all tools as easy to use and user friendly as possible.


Need help? Got questions? No problem, we'll try to help if you run into trouble.
Tell us if you find something that could be improved and we'll try to fix it!
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