Picture dictionary now with speech, new dictation app.

19. july 2021, by morzino

With the current update there is now a speach feature for the majority of all words in the picture dictionary, supporting English, German and French languages.

Simply click on the speaker symbol to pronounce the displayed word.

There is now also a corresponding dictation app that pronounces words and displays matching images.

Have fun with the update
Your Morzino team

Wishing you a beautiful and relaxing summer holiday!

15. july 2021, by morzino

The Morzino team wishes all students, teachers and parents a happy and relaxing holiday.

During the Homeschooling Year 2020 we mostly developed features that were urgently needed by teachers. We were now finally able to develop a whole lot of new features that could be added to the platform, and here are just a few highlights:

  • Picture dictionary now with over 1300 newly painted pictures (now 2800 in total) and over 10,000 photos in multiple languages.
  • New version of the Vocabulary app with support for picture dictionaries and storable configurations.
  • 8 new language apps with support for picture dictionaries and storable configurations.
  • New design of worksheets and support for QR codes in all areas.
  • A new area with examples of online exercises and worksheets of all common apps.
  • Direct links to frequently used apps, exercises, files and websites in the Virtual Class
  • 5 new apps in the field of "Art & Creativity": "Sketch Art", "Color Mixer", "Mandala", "8 bit" and "Guitar Fretboard"
  • New version of the Hangman app and 2 new games (Solitaire / Klondike & Labyrinth)

During the summer holidays, work on the platform will continue, and the next innovations are already in development!

Wish you much fun and success with Morzino

Your Morzino Team

More than 10,000 new photos in the picture dictionary

12. july 2021, by morzino

From now on you will also find photos in the picture dictionary, which can be easily found using the keyword search.

There are currently more than 10,000 photos in the database, all of which are indexed by keywords in several languages.

Almost all photos are available under free licenses, so that you can use them in your own works (online and / or in print) as a student or teacher, without infringing any copyright laws.

Enjoy the update!
Your Morzino team

New app screenshots and worksheet examples

28. june 2021, by morzino

From now on, screenshots and examples of worksheets are online for all important apps, so that you can immediately see the possibilities the platform and the individual apps are offering:​examples/​apps/​

Examples will now also appear in the newsfeeds of individual users immediately after logging in.

Furthermore, the multiplication tables and the place value charts have been completely revised.

Enjoy the update!
Your Morzino team

8 new apps for learning and practicing languages

21. june 2021, by morzino

A total of 8 new learning apps are now online in the "Languages" area. All apps can access the integrated vocabulary (German, English and French) as well as the picture dictionary, and as a teacher you can also create your own word and vocabulary lists.

Almost all apps can generate online exercises as well as printable worksheets in PDF format, and settings can be saved and shared with students as an exercise.

The new e-Learning apps are:

1. Write sentences
2. Write words
3. Links words and images
4. Scrambled words
5. Find words
6. Right or wrong?
7. Crossword puzzle
8. Cut out & paste

Every app and every online exercise can now also be shared with other platform users via a QR code, and sheets with QR codes can be generated as PDF files.

Enjoy the update
Your Morzino team

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